Stream simulations

THERMO-GAS Heat Exchangers work optimally if the constant flow of
gasses into the heat exchanger is guaranteed. In case of unfavourable
assembly conditions, we have made tests and measurements  so far in
order to optimise stream conditions. Due to the increased requirements 
on the performance of heat exchangers as well as expanded application
areas it has become necessary to achieve optimised results already in
the planning phase.

This is done by means of a CAD-based simulation which enables the very
exact predicition of stream conditions. The performance opportunities of
our heat exchangers are used at the best as a result of appropriate
installed equipement for flow duct.

We would be pleased to provide you with our knowledge also beyond
the heat exchanger technology.

The precise project

In case of a plant for catalytic combustion, the
connecting hood to the heat exchanger was 
significantly shortened due to the assembly of a
THERMO-AWT 3-Way Stop valve. After this change,
the calculated performance of the heat exchanger
has not been achieved anymore.

   The connecting hood has been equipped
   with guiding plates the design of which
   had been defined due to several 
   The flow conditions before the retrofit
   of the connecting hood are illustrated in 
   figure left, the simulation after the retrofit
   is shown in figure below.

The figure to the right shows the optimised 
connecting hood with the simulation of the flow
conditions. The evenly arranged colours show
that the flow speed is less than 3 m/sec in all
Furthermore, you can clearly see that the entire
heat exchanger is constantly charged. 

After the retrofit of the connecting hood, the heat
exchanger achieves the calculated performance

Simulation of an incident flow

with two 90° angles

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